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HEESCO has a body of work spanning the globe and a reputation for diverse genres and themes in an already multifaceted medium. A prolific creator for the past decade with numerous gallery exhibitions, private and public commissions as well as various publications and projects under his belt. Career highlights include murals for Attica restaurant, The Art Series Hotels Group, Longview Winery, St. George Bank, Toby's Estate, and The Reformatory Caffeine Lab, and Ground Central Cafe in Manhattan, New York. – Heesco is the winner of 2011 Secret Wars competition, and a finalist of 2013 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize.



LOSOP is a Stencil Artist and has been exhibiting professionally since 2008.
Career highlights include winning a highly commended award at the 2015 Stencil Art Prize, and a finalist at the World Stencil Art Prize. This year he is currently working on a second solo exhibition due to open in Melbourne during September. Michael is represented by two creative agencies and currently takes up studio residence at the Arts Hole studios in Melbourne.







Inspired by the New York Graffiti Artists from the 1970’s and beyond, Straker spent his youth immersed in the art of letterform and Skateboarding.

These 2 art forms provided a great love and unique perspective on the urban environment as well as providing the fundamental elements of his paintings. Straker is a nationally recognised Perth based mural and graffiti artist.  He has been creating and painting murals for over 15 years.



Before becoming a tattoo apprentice in his later years, he was exposed to all elements of hiphop attracting him to Graffiti. For over 15 years he has been particularly focused on manipulation of the alphabet gradually merging  graffiti aesthetics with iconic pop culture references under the  name known on the streets as Idol Motions.





Originally from the Black Mountains of rural Wales, self taught artist Robert Jenkins has taken part in many group shows both in Perth, which he currently resides.

Robert Jenkins’s art is often described as surreal, dark and macabre yet with a playful sense of humour, from blood stained devils and demonic monsters to whimsical furry animals covered in brightly coloured flowers, patterns and signature little blue people.




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